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Unique Mastermind group


Great food, great company, great conversation.

Sometimes hearing someone else’s experience is just what you need. Getting different perspectives on shared issues can give you a new view, or a new idea for something to try in your own business.

Just knowing that other people have the same issues as you lifts a small weight off your shoulders. Finding that out over a quality meal with a glass of your tipple of choice is even better.

It’s a different kind of Mastermind group that starts with inspiration from a well-known business or sports personality, moving into peer support to tackle your key challenges over dinner.

Our Food4Thought dinners put together carefully-chosen business owners who share some of the same challenges to discuss a different element of business at each meal. You’ll leave with new contacts and practical solutions for some of your pressing issues. Such are the strength of connections made at our dinners that many of our guests have gone on to do business together.

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I met another lawyer whose firm offered different but complementary legal service to mine at a Food4Thought dinner. We got along well so arranged a coffee and now regularly refer work to one another. It happened at my first Food4Thought dinner, so it’s safe to say I will be back!

Anna Newport, Newport Land and Law