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Are time bandits robbing you of the opportunity to follow your passion?

Our lively June dinners were full of ideas about systems and processes to make a business owner’s life easier. Over three courses and wine the members discussed how getting your business’s operations right links closely with people strategy, and how to get the balance right.

Recent research showed that around yorkshire gol and that could taken away by a good system or process. We call them time-stealers.  The groups agreed that if that’s the case for you, there’s plenty you can change.

Bought-in marketing and finance systems tended to be the most commonly used ones. Platforms like Xero, Trip Catcher, Zoho and Capsule were all mentioned by the groups, but there are plenty of alternatives.

Our discussions about adding or improving systems and processes in your business included:

  • Their impact on quality and consistency for your clients
  • Where to get ideas for the best ones to suit you
  • How involved should staff be in refining your processes
  • Whether employing lazy people will make things work better
  • The benefits of mapping customer journeys
  • Outsourcing tasks: who to and when to do it
  • Doing more of what you love as a result of working smart
  • The link between operational and people strategy and how to get it right


Steve Jobs said: “Don’t employ smart people then tell them what to do,” and there was much agreement that giving some control over to your teams can result in much slicker systems and processes, and a greater feeling of ownership among employees.

One group member hadn’t been in the office for a month and this absence had revealed what works perfectly well without them, and what needed to change. Another had mapped their entire customer journey.



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