Why your touchpoints matter

I’ve seen loads and loads of posts over last two or three weeks about people saying that we shouldn’t be selling and marketing because it’s immoral and inappropriate and insensitive

Those that know me well, will know that I’m not an advocate of that line of thinking, at the end of the day we all need to put food on the table and we all need to make a living because if we don’t, the long term impact in just stopping doing everything for everybody is going to be significant. 

There are subtle ways that you can change what you are doing to maximise the opportunity available to you when this current climate is over and done with.

So what do I mean by that?  Increase your touch points, focus on the touch points that you have with your clients and your contacts so that when we get to the end of this COVID-19 scenario, you are front of mind.   

Now let me tell you a quick story, I was chatting to a client yesterday, he provides training into the care sector and he and his team have been speaking to each of their clients in each of their contracts over last two or three weeks, just to stay in touch just to see what problems they have got, what issues they’ve got, what challenges, to find opportunities to possibly help.   

One of the challenges that came out for a number of their care sector clients was that they couldn’t get access to the basics of bread milk cheese eggs etc so he said, look leave that with me let me tap into my network and see if I can access those products for you. 

He found a vendor that could provide all of those products, it checked out they had the right stock levels it checked out that they had all the right safety things in place around the staff safety, the right procedures and processes to be able to serve clients in this current marketplace and he set up that process in that provision for those care home clients.

Now it’s got nothing at all to do with training but what it has done is it has added value it’s built advocacy and it means that he stays front of mind so when they are ready to pick up their training needs in a month, two months, three months, guess who’s going to be the first person they call, because the trust him, they value him and have got advocacy for him.

So increase your customer and contact touch points, even if it means doing something a little bit out of the norm, then you won’t go far wrong.

Now I’m going to leave you a link in the comments below of our top ten touch points that we recommend that you have in place with your customers and contacts so that you could start to look at how you can increase the awareness of you and your business to your target audience.

Hope that’s been of value.  Take care for now.

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