The 60 Second Snippet series

We decided to give our monthly Freedom Fighters comms a 60 minute makeover….  
Fortunately for you (or not?) though, there will be no Claire Sweeney or Peter Andre (can you read that without singing Mysterious Girl in your head?), just yours truly and his regular words of wisdom and views on all things business.
On reflection, we wanted it to be more digestible, chattier and more frequent, to ensure you get the tips, tools and inspiration you need, when you need it. Whether you are in start-up mode, established and looking to stabilise, or on a high growth curve, our new ‘60 second snippet’ will share opinions, anecdotes, articles and tools to help you on your business journey.
And guess what, it will only take up erm… 60 seconds of your valuable time.

No verbiage.
No thoughts of “I’ll read that later” then never do.
No thoughts of “WTF is he on about this month?”.
 If there is anything on your mind right now business wise, simply email me on [email protected] and we can chat.
I hope you like the new simpler layout. 
Speak soon,