Look after your clients before someone else does

I often say that a client that needs your product or service doesn’t leave you because you mess something up.  They leave you because they think you don’t care anymore.
Let me clarify.
If you mess something up; an order, a piece of work, a delivery time, product quality etc, so long as you apologise, correct the matter promptly and close the loop to prevent it happening again, most clients will stick with you because they are loyal and you have gone over and above with responding to a bad situation.
By and large, a client that needs what you have will only leave because they think you don’t care anymore.  Because you are not showing them the same attention and service levels you promised or were delivered at the start of the relationship.
For many small businesses, once a client is landed, they believe they are secure and move on to winning more new clients.

This often results in neglect of existing clients:

  • The calls and the emails stop
  • The value added introductions, content and referrals stop
  • The love, attention and appreciation stops

The client thinks you don’t care and then leaves when another business is showing them some love and attention.
Make sure you and your team are clear on the ‘touchpoints’ that will keep showing your customers that you love them and that your systems and automation help you deliver them consistently.  And so long as your product and service quality remains at the required standard, you have a customer for life.

Are you missing opportunities to connect and impact your customers? In today’s competitive markets, customers need to be wowed, they need to be actively involved from the word ‘go’. If you want to provide the best customer experience for both new and existing customers, access our tool here to get started: tendo-uk.com/touchpoint

Gary King Tendo Business Mentor Leeds