Get big, get niche or get out!

I saw a story about Steve Jobs the founder of Apple earlier this week, which was a perfect metaphor for why you should be crystal clear on your niche (if you are reading this in the US, nitch) and your key messaging.
He asked his marketing team to create a 30 second commercial to launch the iPad and wanted them to include five key messages.
They said that “five was too many” but he insisted.
One of the team members screwed up five pieces of paper and threw them at him.  He caught none.  “That’s what happens when you throw five messages at a prospect.  They don’t catch any!” he exclaimed!
The same guy screwed up one piece of paper and threw it.  Steve caught it.  “That’s what happens when you deliver one key message to your target market!” he said.
“You’re right, I’m wrong.” Steve said.
We see this issue a lot when we hear small businesses are wasting time, effort and money they don’t have marketing too many confusing messages, often to a wide selection of their target market.  Spray and pray tactics are being adopted because they don’t want to miss out on an opportunity.
A key part of the work we do when business planning with clients is to dig deep to understand in some detail their target markets and key messaging.  If you can do this, you can really niche down and build your business.
This helps to maximise building a brand and a reputation and will help build a pipeline of high value, high quality leads that will convert.
Make sure your target market are catching the point of your message and that they are choosing you.

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