Building a Dream Team to unlock your growth

I was invited to speak to the members of The Business Culture Hull earlier this week by Tony & Michelle Bowler. When discussing the topic that they wanted me to present on, I suggested they speak to their members to find out the biggest issues they are facing in business right now.

It was no surprise that they were all having challenges with retaining & attracting the right talent to help them grow.

The talk was suitably entitled “Building a dream team to unlock your growth”.

I asked each of them to mentally score all the members of their team from 1-10 to ascertain their value to the business.

I talked through why not having the right team in place causes four main issues:

Working too many hours and you never switch off
You are working in, not on the business
You don’t get time to work on what you love
Sales & marketing gets neglected and rushed

I took the members through how to construct the basics of a single page business plan that provides the template for success. A template that will guide them and their team through those vital next steps to understand which member of the team is undertaking which strategies, when, why and how they will be measured.

I left them with a number of strategies to adopt to build their team to unlock their growth:

Lead with purpose – understand what ignites your fire and why, so you can build a team to allow this
Recruit based on values – how to understand what your values are and how to use them to hire & fire
Outsource first – use freelance to get started quickly and/ or test the role spec whilst you recruit
Hire slowly, fire quickly – why talking your time to recruit and acting quickly when there’s an issue is imperative
Start six months out – why you need to understand your future numbers so you can start recruiting early
Always be recruiting – why you should always be looking for talent and finding a way to accommodate them

At the end of the session, they again rated their team and a number of scores had been downgraded.

If you wish to access the single page tool to get started on your business plan, you can do so here. Please bear the above strategies in mind, building a team is tough at present.

Happy recruiting and planning.

Developing a dream team is one of the essential building blocks to running a successful business. If you are working too many hours or are frustrated about any element of your team, it’s time to take action. Access our tool here to get started:

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