The Beehive – It’s lonely running a business

Beehives and business owners… ‘The Beehive’

This is post 9/ 12 in a series about the pub crawl by my namesake Gary King and his friends in the Worlds End and the close association with business mentoring & coaching.

The worst thing about being a business owner is the fact that it can be a very lonely world to live in.

I know, I’ve been there.

This is exactly why connecting with other high calibre business owners can be a really positive thing for you to do – both for your mind and wellbeing as well as your business results.

It’s okay, this isn’t my way of inviting you to a network meeting at 5am, so that you can have a mediocre breakfast with a ‘room full of like-minded people’ before your one minute pitch.

It’s my way of telling you that taking some time to learn from other expert business owners can be a great way of boosting your business through drawing on the collaboration and expertise of a hub of great minds. This is often referred to as a hive mind, if you were wondering where the hell the reference to the Beehives and business owners was coming in…

Do you ever speak with other business owners who have been in your shoes?

Do you ever collaborate with a hive mind?

Do you work with a business coach? Or even better – do you work with a Business Mentor who has the answers you need?

If the answer to that last question is no…

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Beehives and business owners