Business Mentoring

Running a business? Or do you feel like it’s currently running YOU? Are you ready to work with someone who’s been there, done that, and pretty much designed the t-shirt?

When you’re running a business, it’s all too easy to get to a point where no matter how many networking events you attend – or courses you go on, or forums you post in – you still feel like you’re out there on your own, effectively being run by your own business.

  • It’s taking all of your time, all your energy, and all of your freedom. You are questioning if you’ve done the right thing!

  • You’re doubting you’ve built the right business – feeling trapped, hitting a growth ceiling and have no options or freedom.

  • You can’t find a team that care as much about the business as you do – you find it hard to give up control & delegate.

In the words of Elvis, you’re caught in a trap. He can’t really help you any further than musical insight, though, so it’s probably best that you turn to a capable Business Mentor, instead. What got you here is not what is going to get you to the next level – so you need to become more strategic, create systems & processes & measure activities.

Unless you still fancy one more shot at going this alone, of course…

If you want to run a business, you’ve certainly got a good shot of running it on your own. If you want to run a truly GREAT business, however – one that is as enjoyable as it is profitable, and as scalable as it is sustainable – then working with an experienced Business Mentor is absolutely key.

Whilst Business Mentoring is our bread and butter at Tendo, there are lots of ways we can work with you and your business so that we can best suit your needs, timescales and budget – as well as your unique challenges and circumstances.

That’s the thing about a great Business Mentor – in particular, working directly with me here at Tendo. I’m not here to tell you what to do, or to give you generic ‘cookie cutter’ advice that you could get from any ‘coach’ that’s been on a course or by visiting any ten-a-penny influencer platform. I’ve actually been there in business for years and run three of my own. At Tendo, we all have.

Challenges? We’ve beaten then.

Barriers? We’ve smashed them.

Opportunities? We’ve found them, we’ve taken them, and we’ve grown from them.

 Are you ready to do the same?

At Tendo, we’re here to diagnose exactly what’s wrong in your business, so you can see exactly what you need to be working on to get progress. We’ll then work alongside you to share the tailored tips, guidance and advice to give you the boost you need as you get things back on track to start enjoying the business you set out to change the world with.

Intrigued but still not sure?

We get it. You’ve already wasted too much time and money in your business, and so the thought of investing both things in a Business Mentor is scary. So why not have a free call with Gary? We can answer your questions, soothe any doubts, and be straight down the line with you about if we think we can work with you to turn things around.

You’re busy, but you’ve got twenty minutes for that call to explore the what if, haven’t you…?

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There are no guarantees in business, but making that call is most definitely going to be the best business decision you’ll make all day.

Feeling trapped by your business?

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