How to create Independence Day in your business

Business independence is essential, here’s why…

A little more than a week after Britain’s controversial vote to leave the EU, dubbed by some Independence Day, America will celebrate the 240th anniversary of its own independence from Britain.

I’m not about to get all political, that’s best left to another forum. Instead, let me tell you that the picture above is of me enjoying a pint of Sam Adams in one of my favourite restaurants, The Botanist (check out this blog for why I love what they do). Samuel Adams was one of the leading figures in the American independence movement and was himself a brewer, although apparently not a very good one.

You’re probably wondering why I am giving you an American History lesson. It’s all linked to independence, and whether your business creates it for you or takes it from you.

Let me ask you some questions:

Does your business give you the freedom you desire?

Does the thought of having quality time away from it fill you with dread?

When was the last time you took a holiday – without checking-in every hour?

Are you working evenings and weekends just to ‘catch up’?

Are you spending hours (or days!) working on things that you hate doing?

If you don’t like the answers to these questions, the chances are that you are building the wrong business.

I’ve just returned from a 10-day break in the Dominican Republic. When I left, my inbox contained two emails and had the same number when I got back. It’s not that I didn’t receive any emails while I was away, just I have a great team and robust systems in place to ensure the business ticks over without me. My marketing and social media continued, content had been approved and scheduled, and my invoicing and book keeping was all taken care of, while I enjoyed a well-deserved break with my fiancée, several dark rum and cokes, and Caribbean sunshine. This is my talent and operations strategies delivering as planned.

Do you have the right operations strategy?

Having the right operations strategy means I’m free to spend my time on what I am passionate about – working 1-2-1 with ambitious SMEs on strategy and business mentoring. It also means that I can take regular breaks without worrying about what state the business will be in when I return.

Do you have a clear operations strategy which gives you independence? Do you only work on the bits of your business which set your passion alight? Are you confident taking time off knowing your business will still be in great shape when you return?

If your business can run for periods of time without you, it is both scalable and saleable. If not, it isn’t!

Developing a dream team is one of the essential building blocks to running a successful business. If you are working too many hours or are frustrated about any element of your team, it’s time to take action.

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How to create Independence Day in your business