Discover Gary King’s Secrets to Unlocking Entrepreneurial Success

Guest appearance on Dads in Business.  A supportive network to help busy dads manage themselves, their family and their business. Better.

Hosted by Rob Taylor,  Award winning small business owner and Dad of three.

About the interview:

I remember what set me on the path to self employment. It was redundancy. It’s fair to say if I hadn’t been made redundant for the second time then I would most liklely have stayed employed. The safety of employment can create frustrated would-be entrepreneurs! At times I question my decisions. Working for yourself, especially with a young family can be very hard. And in those times I like to think about what wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for me; the ideas, products, services that have helped many people. In my earliest days of working for myself I enjoyed the idea of freedom. Not really knowing what that meant, or indeed how to get there. In this conversation we talk about gaps, struggles and opportunities that leadership and entrepreneurs face. There’s some incredible takeaways from this very honest discussion to help busy professionals plan for a better, more balanced future. For more: