Get niche, get big or get out!

Top tip presented by Gary King of Tendo.

Get niche, get big or get out.

I’m sick to death of hearing small business owners say that they’re just hanging on to that one product that they used to sell that they hate.

Because sometimes a customer might come along and knock on the door and they might want that service.

I’m sick to death of going to networking events listening to business owners pitch to say “our market is everybody” because they don’t want to miss out, they’ve got a fear of missing out or FOMO of that one particular customer or sector or business that might knock on the door.

The fact of the matter is you cannot, cannot, cannot serve everybody. And more importantly, your contacts, your advocates, your clients, the people that refer you cannot refer you to everybody. What we want to hear is exactly who we’re looking for, and exactly what niche you operate in.

So stop with the whole fear of missing out.

Really, really, really niche down.

I was chatting to a lady this morning who I’ve been building a relationship with, and she has updated her LinkedIn profile. So she’s niching in on a particular sector that she’s got experience in that she loves working in.
And that gives her ample rewards.

And what she’s done by doing that is she’s focused on talking to people that can serve her and that she can serve, and she’s ignored the rest.

Doing that has just got her super focused, and it’s brought out tons of opportunities because people know exactly who she’s aiming for and exactly who she wants to talk to.

And the referrals coming in are the high quality ones.

So stop with the fear of missing out, either get niche, get big or get out, but get focused.

Take care for now. Bye bye.

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