Grant funding to support your business growth – new programme

There is a new grant funding stream available to support SMEs with their business growth agenda in West Yorkshire (Kirklees, Calderdale, Wakefield, Bradford, Leeds)* and beyond.

2024 is going to be tough for sure but there is no doubt that for a majority of SMEs with a plan, focus and clarity, there are opportunities out there for profitable growth.

You can either sit back and watch your competitors win, or you can get on the front foot and take control of your results.

The best way to succeed is to have a robust plan and the necessary focus to capitalise on the opportunities that do and will exist – if you look for them.

There is now new grant funding available to support your business growth, with any work needing to be focussed on innovation.

Provided there is evidence of something innovative to you.   The common denominator is growth, if you are looking to do something innovative in order to secure growth, then this can help.  It could be marketing, market research, operations planning, product development, service delivery, digital investment etc (as long as it involves/ drives innovation).

All funding is subject to eligibility criteria and is match funded.

Simply book a Discovery Call to discuss your challenges, where you believe you need support and talk you through the application process.

Best of luck.

*If you are not in West Yorkshire, there is grant funding available in your area – contact your Local Enterprise Partnership or Business Hub in the first instance.

Grant funding business growth. Gary King Tendo Business Mentor Leeds