Grant funding to support your growth

Part of the 60 Second Snippet series…

You may have see the turmoil going on in Government right now (presuming you haven’t been living under a rock?). However, they are currently still committed to supporting small businesses. As a result, there is grant funding available to support SMEs with their growth agenda.

After a couple of tough years for Covid & Brexit, we now have a cost of living crisis that is causing financial pressures in business and at home. Costs are rising, it can be tough to increase prices and margins and cash will get squeezed.

You can either sit back and watch, or get on the front foot and take control.

The reality is that most businesses will not be able to save their way out of a crisis, despite a report this week that that the Government were suggesting we cut marketing and from experience (I started my business in a recession) the best way to succeed is to have a robust plan and the necessary focus to capitalise on the opportunities that do exist.

Traditionally some businesses cut marketing and recruitment spend to save money and then, guess what…? Six months later they have no pipeline of leads and no team to deliver results. Doh! These are not long term strategies that work.

The range of grant funding options can be used to support the following:

  • Business planning
  • Sales & marketing strategy development
  • Team strategy development
  • Consultancy to deliver the above
  • Capital Expenditure, including Green Technology

Different funding pots have different criteria* to satisfy but it is highly likely at least one of them will be able to support you.

Interested?  Drop me a line on [email protected] and we will get in touch to discuss your challenges, the funding options available to you and signpost you accordingly.

Best of luck.