How to become untrapped

Hi, Gary King business mentor here.

I want to talk this morning about this concept of being trapped as a business owner.

Now, we all see these businesses that are doing seemingly really, really well. And when we start out in business, we think it’s just going to be really, really easy for us just like it seems for all these other businesses.

So you know, whether we’re a marketing expert setting up a marketing company, an IT expert setting up an IT company, the majority of us are technician business owners, but nobody really tells us that it’s going to be incredibly difficult.

So, what then happens is you finish up working incredibly long hours, late nights, weekends and bank holidays and you feel incredibly guilty to be working when you should be spending time with your friends and family.

However, there is this common myth that I want to bust . You don’t have to work 100 hours a week to have a successful business. You can work a lot less hours than that, you just need to have the right plan.

For example, this particular client that I’ve been working with finally put her prices up yet again this year, an average of about 12%. Yes, she may lose a couple of customers, but those customers will be the ones that are a pain in the ass, that she really doesn’t want to deal with, and that pay the least and pay her last.

So, by raising her prices across the board, we can now afford to recruit a key member of staff that will be able to come in, take some responsibility and deliver great results. More importantly, this now means that this client doesn’t have to work incredibly long hours and can now spend even better and more quality time with her loved ones.

So, get your proposition clear, get it marketed, then get your pricing in line with what you deserve to be paid. Then you can start to afford the key members of your team that will help you not have to work the hours that you are currently working.

So, I hope that’s of help. Please Like and Share and I look forward to speaking with you soon. Thank you.

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