How to sift out the tyre kickers

I was a host on a podcast yesterday (watch this space for details when it is released) and was asked the question: “Is £199 the world’s most expensive coffee – tell me more!”.


It is a blog I wrote some time ago and continues to divide opinion.


We all get asked from time to time “Can I pick your brains?”.


In the early days of business, we take that as an interest in working with us and we agree to meet.  We need the business and the validation, right?

However, more often than not, this is an attempt by them to get valuable information and expertise from you with no intention or capability of ever paying.


This is not a great use of my time or my expertise.


So I introduced a charge of £199 to meet with me for a coffee to pick my brains.  I said I’d buy the coffee (or tea, juice, water, you get the gist).  


It sifts the wheat from the chaff.

The tyre kickers don’t book and I never hear from them again.


The serious ones book because they need help and value my time and expertise.


There is a train of thought by some that you don’t know who they know and you never know what it will lead to etc, but I don’t have enough spare time to be giving hours away for free.


If it is a genuine collaboration opportunity, or a get to know you meeting, fine.  But NOT for those clearly wanting to plunder and pillage from me.


Here is a link to the blog for more details.


At the time of writing, due to inflation, the cost of the coffee has risen significantly. The value delivered is just as compelling. The tyre kickers are still filtered out. More details can be found here.


Do you charge for your time when somebody wishes to pick your brains?


Or are you happy meeting countless people for a coffee in the hope that one or two will turn into high value, long term clients?
Gary King Tendo Business Mentor Leeds