Business Mentoring Testimonial – Joanne Clayton

Hear what our client Joanne had to say after completing a Business Mentoring programme with Tendo.


Running a business is tough and without the right plan, the right support and the right focus, it’s easy to become trapped. When you get to this stage, you often feel overwhelmed, stuck or uncertain as a business owner.  That’s where Business Mentoring comes in.

Is your business running you, instead of the other way around? 

Are you always busy but somehow not getting anywhere?

Do you want a business that delivers the freedom and lifestyle you deserve?

Gary King, supports business owners like you in growing a business that serves their goals and delivers more time, money, and freedom. Book a 30 min complimentary discovery call in which we’ll work through what’s holding back your business growth and find the right solution to help you increase productivity and profit.

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