Lifestyle is driven by purpose

It’s approaching one o’clock in the afternoon. I’m just about to go in and see a client to start working on her business. I got in at quarter to four this morning after watching Leeds United play away at Swansea City last night. This was probably one of their furthest league away games, 265 miles away from my front door. Thankfully we drew the game, got a point and we went top of the league! I’ve managed to build a business that allows me the time and the flexibility to follow one of my personal passions, which is going to watch my football team play, even on a Tuesday afternoon.

I’ve got a real challenge you today. Are you building the right business for you and your lifestyle? Are you building the right business that allows you to do what you’re passionate about in your personal life? That might be seeing friends, it might be seeing family, it might be hobbies like mine. Are you building a business that allows you to have the flexibility and the time to do what it is that you love doing and what you’re passionate about? Or are you feeling trapped, stuck in your business and missing the lifestyle you want?

You know the feeling, I can’t do the school run today, I can’t go to see the nativity play with my children, I can’t go to the concert or match I was looking forward to. I was in that position, six years ago when I couldn’t go and watch my son at football training. I was so busy and it broke my heart. It really did get to me.

So, I’ve managed to switch that around. I’ve managed to build a business that allows me the time to do all of those things I’d been missing out on. I’ve managed to build a business that allows me the time, flexibility and lifestyle to do more of what I love.

Take care for now.

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