New year, new you? – FFS

Who else is bored already of every social media post bleating on about New Years resolutions?  Enough already.

Two or three years ago a couple of good friends of mine announced on social media mid October that they would be going Vegan from January 01st.

Whilst each to their own, I did wonder at the time why a) they were telling everybody and b) why were they waiting 10 weeks to get started.  The cynic in me thought they just wanted to get their Xmas dinner in first!

I am not a big one for New Years resolutions.  Mainly because most don’t really commit to them, meaning they deliver zero benefit and therefore they are pointless.

Last year I agreed to go through January without consuming alcohol (I must have been hypnotised or ill).  I then had a pint at the match on New Years Day, which meant I’d broken the resolution on day one. (Leeds United can drive you to drink)!

If you are going to commit to change, don’t procrastinate and wait for a date, do it there and then.

Many years ago, my Mum decided to quit smoking.  She didn’t wait until the end of the packet to get rid of temptation.  She quit there and then and left the half empty packet on the mantle in front of her.  Great will power.

Your personal health and wellbeing, and business performance are intrinsically linked.

If you are fit and healthy, well rested and full of energy, your business gets maximum attention and focus and the results come.  If your business is struggling, you are stressed and you are working too many hours, your diet and fitness can suffer.  This in turn, gives you less energy and as a result, you’re less focused on your business.

It’s a vicious circle that you can get dragged in to, but it is also rewarding if you can flip it the other way.

Whether you are one for starting with a New Years resolution to get fit and healthy and/ or have a successful year in business, chances are you will need a plan.  Once you have a plan, you need to do the work and regularly review progress to ensure the plan is correct and you are taking action.

This year should be all about getting back to basics, taking action and getting results.  Too many of us over complicate business and personal goals.  I am an advocate of doing fewer things better and quicker.

This won’t resonate with many.  Many will continue doing what they did last year and get, guess what, get the same results personally and professionally.

Don’t wait for tomorrow, next week or next month.  Get started NOW and quit with the excuses.  YOU and YOU alone are responsible for your results this year.

If you get started and stay on track, you will be ahead of where you would have been and ahead of those that will talk about it all month/ year.

If you want a business that delivers results and you don’t have a plan, you can get access to my unique single page planning tool here.  Once your business starts to fall in to place, it will start to give you more time, more money and more choice.

Join the many that are using this tool to drive their business and personal goals and say goodbye to needing to make resolutions in future.

Best of luck with the planning and let me know if you get stuck.

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