Practical Planning for SMEs – Creating More Time, Earning More Money & Having More Choices

Gary joins Mark Fitzgerald Cooke of Intelligent, to talk about helping frustrated business owners to stop dithering & take the next steps to greater focus, clarity & results.

We talked through the key questions you should be asking yourself to identify what your business needs to grow and what to do next to start maximising your businesses potential.

Top tips for practical planning:

  1. Develop a purpose-driven business plan
  2. Get an experienced accountability partner
  3. Understand your ultimate goal and what exit looks like


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Running a business is tough and without the right plan, the right support and the right focus, it’s easy to become trapped.  When you get to this stage, you often feel overwhelmed, stuck or uncertain as a business owner. Discover which one of four areas of your business is trapping you and how you can achieve the freedom to choose where, when and how you work. Take our Business Trap Diagnosis test here: