The Cross Hands – Somebody to hold your hand in business

Somebody to hold your hand in business. ‘The Cross Hands’

This is post 4/12 in a series about the pub crawl by my namesake Gary King and his friends in the Worlds End and the close association with Business Mentoring & coaching.

Can it be said that I’m going to hold your hand when you’re working with me as your Business Mentor?

Yes I can and will – to an extent.

Much as the symbol of crossed hands represents teamwork and a sense of giving as much as you get, you choose to take the next step of investing in a Business Mentor for a good reason – to give you the lift you need when you just can’t do things on your own because you don’t have the experience, and when you need to draw on the strength of somebody else to address your own weaknesses.

I’ll always hold your hand (metaphorically) if what emerges from our work together requires you to take steps in a new direction or over a terrain that’s in the first instance a little challenging, but more importantly than holding your hand, I’m here to hold you accountable and get results.

Without accountability in any kind of coaching or mentoring relationship, there’s no way you’ll see the real results you deserve in your business.

So, do you want real change in your business?

I’ll be there with you to take the steps to get it if you are prepared to put in the hard work.

How important is having somebody to hold your hand in business?

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Somebody to hold your hand in business