The importance of purpose to drive you in business and life

In Discussion With Bob Procter, Biodiversity UK CEO

Purpose is the key to building a winning business, but the very meaning is often misunderstood.  As Simon Sinek says, ‘people don’t buy what you do or how you do it, but why (your purpose) you do it’.

After successfully selling a business and a health scare, it would have been easy for Bob Procter to put his feet up and enjoy retirement… but a deep inner desire to fulfil a purpose and create a legacy means that Bob is now building a new business and some momentum.

I was delighted to be “In discussion with” Bob recently, as we explored the true meaning of purpose, how you can dial in to yours and why it is so important to act as your anchor as you grow your business. We will also explored Biodiversity and why it is important for every business.

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