What has San Francisco got to do with your business?

What has San Francisco got to do with you and your business and getting more fantastic clients? Well, I’m going to tell you.

I’m here in America, traveling around five cities over two weeks, and it’s a present from my wife for my recent 50th birthday. So far we’ve done New York, we’ve done Chicago, and we’re just about to cycle over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco that you can see behind me.

Now the question is, when you go to places like New York, it is famous for Central Park and the Empire State Building. When you go to Chicago, it is famous for Blues music. When you go to San Francisco, it is famous for Alcatraz of the Golden Gate Bridge. If you don’t really know what it is when you go into these places, any destination that you travel to, you tend to Google “10 Best places to visit” or “10 best sights to see”, and Google will give you the exactly that the answer to that.

“What are your clients Googling to find you”?

Often when we’re selling a product or service and we’re articulating what it is that we do or what problem we solve, it is not actually what your customers will be Googling.

Top tip for you, is your proposition or your message that you get out when you’re talking to people about what it is that you do? What is it they should be saying when it comes to refer you, is what would people put in that Google search bar?

If people were to put “how to cycle over the Golden Gate Bridge”, nailed it. If people were to put “What’s the tallest landmark in New York”, then you would nail it. But if people are not Googling what it is that you’re selling, then you’re missing a trick.

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