What the Yorkshire Three Peaks can teach you about getting results

What the Yorkshire Three Peaks can teach you about getting results

Last weekend, Gem embarked on the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge, something that she knew would push her out of her comfort zone.  Gem has been through a personal transformation in the last 18 months, working hard at the gym and tracking her calories to get into great shape.

The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge is an exhilarating yet gruelling endeavour (so I am told), much like running a small business.

Ten minutes in, she wanted to give up.  Some of the others in the group powered on straight away, zooming off, and all she could focus on was the 24+ miles and many hours ahead.  The task seemed impossible and at that point, giving up was the easy option.

But the last 18 months has taught her that giving up isn’t an option.  She focussed on not wanting to let herself and those she was with down.

Running a small business and tackling the three peaks both demand perseverance, strategic planning, and a resilient mindset to overcome inevitable obstacles. The parallels between the two experiences highlight the importance of persistence in achieving ambitious goals.

If you haven’t heard of it or done it, the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge involves hiking over 24 miles and summiting three peaks: Pen-Y-Ghent, Whernside, and Ingleborough. It’s a test of physical endurance and mental fortitude. Along the way, hikers face steep ascents, unpredictable weather, and moments of sheer exhaustion. There are times when the temptation to give up feels overwhelming, but those who push through often find a renewed sense of determination and accomplishment at the finish line.

Running a small business is also a journey fraught with challenges.

Entrepreneurs must navigate financial uncertainties, market fluctuations, and the ever-present threat of competition. There are days when setbacks and failures can make giving up seem like the easier option. However, successful business owners understand that perseverance is key to overcoming these hurdles. They adapt, innovate, and continuously strive towards their vision, much like a hiker summoning the energy to reach the next peak.

To get through it, Gem broke the task down into small, achievable chunks.  Rather than focus on 13 hours & 24+ miles, she focussed on putting one step in front of the other many times (62,866 times to be exact).  She focussed on trying to enjoy the journey, rather than the destination and thought about what an achievement it would be and how proud she would feel once it was complete.

In both scenarios, preparation and resilience are crucial.

For the Yorkshire Three Peaks, proper training, the right gear, and nutrition are essential. Likewise, in business, thorough market research, financial planning, and a solid business plan provide the foundation for success. Yet, even with the best preparation, unexpected challenges arise. It is in these moments that the true test of perseverance occurs.

After reaching the last summit, with a few miles to go and the finish line almost in sight, the scramble down Ingleborough was tough.  A few of the remaining team had disappeared off ahead, which left Gem and two others alone and without a plan.  They had no phone signal, no map and no idea what direction to take towards the finish.  It was getting dark, and a sudden thunderstorm made for scary conditions.

The three of them got there in the end but only after going off course and adding another couple of unwanted miles to the journey.  They supported each other through a very testing couple of hours.

The reward for enduring such challenges is immense. Completing the Yorkshire Three Peaks gave Gem and her group a profound sense of achievement and breathtaking views that makes every gruelling step worthwhile. In business, the rewards come in the form of growth, loyal customers, and the satisfaction of seeing one’s vision and passion come to life.

Ultimately, both the Yorkshire Three Peaks and running a small business exemplify the power of perseverance. They remind us that the path to success is rarely smooth, but the journey and the destination are both worth the effort.

Three days later, she is still limping, has black toes, blisters and aches all-over but she is glad she did it and feels proud.

Would she do it again?  “Absolutely not!”  But know her as I do, that will change once the pain wears off and all she can remember if the views and the sense of achievement.

Running a small business requires the same mentality.  If you feel like giving up at the start, focus only on the huge task ahead rather than each small step and don’t have a plan or support to reach your goal, success is unlikely.

The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge may never be for you, but in business if you have a plan, the right support and a mentality of enjoying the journey, you can overcome all of the obstacles in your way.

Do you need a helping hand to overcome obstacles preventing you from reaching success in your business?  If the answer is yes, let’s chat.

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