Where are you spending your valuable time?

Now I’ve got a question for you. How much of your time, what percentage of your time every week are you spending doing stuff that you didn’t get into business to do?

Now, let me ask you that question again. How much time are you spending per week, what percentage of your day or percentage of your week are you spending doing stuff you didn’t get into business to do?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a marketing exec, a photographer, a social media expert or a coach or mentor. It doesn’t really matter. You got into business because you want to serve your clients with the product or service that you are trained in and love doing.

However, you get a certain period of time into business and you finish up doing all this other stuff that comes with running a business. The problem is, when you’re doing that, you’re not earning money. You’re not in front of clients doing what you love doing best.

So when you’re in front of clients, doing what you do best & loving what you do, you’re earning money. When you’re doing the other stuff, you are effectively spending money. So, I want you to sit back and evaluate how much time, what percentage of your week you’re spending doing the stuff that you don’t love. Once you’ve done that, how can you identify which of that stuff you can flip into money generating, revenue-generating, love doing what you do activity?

So just give that some thought. How much focus have you had on doing what you do? And how much have you been distracted?

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