Why business owners should never stop learning

I was recently with a high growth client talking about an alternative CRM marketing system.  Our meeting finished at 11:00.

He messaged me at 14:30 to say he had signed up for a trial of the software, loaded some contacts, sent an email campaign and compared the stats with his current system.

The new one wasn’t as good.

Fast forward to the following month and the same happened with another option under discussion.  This time, the stats were much higher and he signed up to the new software after more due diligence.

Why am I telling you this?

Firstly, he took immediate action.  That’s where the magic is.

Secondly, he took time to learn about the new system and put it through its paces.  He invested in his knowledge, understanding and growth to make an informed decision, rather than a gut feel one.

This month, we talked about SPIN selling by Neil Rackham.  If consultative sales isn’t your thing and you wished it was, it’s a great starting point.

By the time I’d sent the post session notes, he was half way through the audio book.

The result?  He has now restructured his sales calls and is seeing higher conversions and selling more services as a result.  Bingo!

Learning is essential for business owners

Einstein famously said, “Intellectual growth should start at birth and end at death”.  Unfortunately for many, they find excuses.

Continual professional development (CPD) is of high importance to SME owners. In a dynamic and competitive business landscape, staying current with industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies is essential for long-term success.  CPD empowers SME owners and leaders to adapt to changing market demands, enhance their leadership skills, and foster innovation within their companies.

Moreover, CPD cultivates a culture of learning and growth among employees, leading to improved productivity and job satisfaction. It also fosters adaptability and resilience, critical attributes for SMEs facing economic challenges and market disruptions.

Ultimately, a commitment to CPD not only enhances the expertise and effectiveness of SME business owners but also contributes to the sustainability and competitiveness of their companies in an ever-evolving business environment.

Those that follow me will know that I recently passed my ILM Level 7 in Executive and Senior level Coaching & Mentoring.  It was 250 hours of hard work on top of life, with the sole purpose of helping me up my game as a Business Mentor to add greater value to my clients and keep distance between me and my less experienced peers.

I am a Pracademic. I have years of practical experience to back up the academia.

The Association of Business Mentors

On Tuesday evening this week, I was proud to attend the graduation of the latest ABM full members who had passed their diplomas. We now have 12 who have passed their ILM Level 5 & 7 with more cohorts in progress.

As a member of the ABM, every member has the opportunity to build a bespoke continued professional development plan to help them maximise their skills so they can deliver the best possible results for their clients.

What CPD are you doing? Training, books, on-line courses, podcasts, videos? 10 pages a day is all it takes.

There really shouldn’t be an excuse if you see the value.

At the heart of everything I do at Tendo, is a desire for business owners to live the life they dreamed of when they first started out, to help them build the right business and see the rewards they desire.  Want to know more?  Book a 30 minute complimentary discovery call.

Group of Business Mentors graduating their ABM ILM Level 7 qualification. Why business owners should never stop learning.