Why lead with purpose

I just wanted to share with you some stories that have come off the back of conversations that I’ve had this week. These conversations were with business owners that are feeling trapped and not sure what their next steps are.

I talked at a presentation this morning that I gave around having a purpose-driven organisation. Purpose can be your why, purpose is about why you got into doing the business that you’re doing. So it isn’t why you’re in business. It’s about why you’re doing what you’re actually doing.

For me, my purpose is to make an impact with those small business owners. Statistically, 95% of small business owners are ultimately failing and that breaks my heart.

I started out 10 years ago to just move that dial as far as those poor failure statistics are concerned. Over the last few days, I’ve met a couple of people that have really fallen out of love with their business. These business owners are unsure what the next steps are for them and quite frankly, if they had an opportunity, they’d jack it all in tomorrow.

They’ve fallen out of love with their organisation and have really lost sight of what their purpose is, and why they are doing what they do.

So I just really wanted to encourage you today, to make sure you really dial back into purpose. If your business is not something that you’re happy with, if it’s not filling you full of enjoyment and excitement every single day, then you need to do something about it.

Find your purpose

Now you either need to change jobs, change roles or get some help, but you’ve got to do something different in your organisation. Having a purpose-driven organisation means that you’ve got to love what you do every single day. If you’re not doing that, you need to do something about it.

So just make sure you check that out and really understand, are you doing what you love every single day? And more importantly, is it giving you the financial rewards and the lifestyle that you want? Because if it isn’t you’re building the wrong business.

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