Why removing toxic employees is essential for your success

Processes run a business, people run the processes.  If you get these things right, you will deliver consistent results, high levels of customer service and you will be able to start to step away from the business, knowing you can trust them.

The problem comes when you have an employee or two that are not aligned to your values and therefore behave in a way that impacts team morale, consistency and service.  They become toxic employees.

But it’s cost you £000s in recruitment fees, training and salary and it will be expensive to get rid of them.

Often they are good at their job technically, just not aligned to how you want to do business – a brilliant jerk!

You stick with it in the hope that they will become aligned.  Remember the leopard not changing its spots?

A saying that I like (I would have used as the snippet title but I know one or two are sensitive out there) is that it’s better to have a hole than an a**hole in your team!

In the current fast paced environment, every team member plays a crucial role in shaping your company’s culture and driving its success. However, when toxicity seeps into the workplace, it can poison morale, productivity, and ultimately, the bottom line.

Here’s why it’s crucial to swiftly remove toxic employees rather than tolerate their presence:

Negative impact on morale: toxic employees breed negativity like a virus (bad apple), infecting the entire team with their pessimism, gossip, and constant complaints. This toxic atmosphere can demotivate your high-performing employees, leading to decreased morale and a toxic culture that repels top talent.

Decreased productivity: toxic individuals often prioritise personal agendas over team goals, causing disruptions, conflicts, and distractions. Their behaviour can derail your projects, hinder collaboration, and impede progress, ultimately harming productivity and hindering your team’s ability to achieve its objectives.

Erosion of trust and collaboration: toxic employees undermine trust within your team by spreading rumours, withholding information, and manipulating situations to their advantage. This erosion of trust stifles open communication, collaboration, and teamwork, making it difficult for your team to function cohesively and achieve its full potential.

Impact on customer relationships: toxic behaviour doesn’t just affect internal dynamics; it can also damage relationships with customers and clients. Employees who exhibit rudeness, disrespect, or incompetence can tarnish your company’s reputation, leading to lost business opportunities and long-term damage to your brand and reputation.

Legal and financial risks: tolerating toxic behaviour exposes your company to legal liabilities, including harassment or discrimination claims, hostile work environment lawsuits, and potential financial penalties. By addressing toxic behaviour promptly and decisively, you can mitigate these risks and protect your reputation and finances.

In my experience, a bad hire that you leave alone because you can’t or don’t want to deal with them, especially if they are in a sales, marketing or leadership role, can cost you up to 20 times their annual salary.

Can you afford to lose this much in sales and reputation?

In conclusion, the decision to remove toxic employees may seem daunting, but the medium and long-term benefits far outweigh the short-term discomfort.

By prioritising a positive and healthy work environment, you can foster a culture of respect, collaboration, and success that attracts top talent and drives sustainable growth.

Remember, one toxic employee can poison the entire well-being of your team – act swiftly to protect your company’s future.

Every client we work with spends time as part of the business planning process to really understand their company’s values.  Not a list of nice words that can adorn a plaque in reception, but meaningful behaviours that drive culture, teamwork and trust.

If you have recently muttered the words “I wish my team cared as much as I did!” then you have a potential problem.

Act now before it’s too late.

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