Why sales are so important for small business owners

In Discussion With Andy Foot of Project Steps

Sales are the lifeblood of every SME because without sales, there is no business.  Every small business not only needs sales in the first couple of years to provide validation and start to build a credible business but then to be able to support investment in marketing and people as the business starts to grow.

But the reality is that less than 5% of small business owners have the desire, time and skills to be able to sell.  Or they hire sales people who they don’t know how to lead or don’t have time to support them and they fail to deliver as well.  The consequences?  A limited pipeline, poor conversions and those clients that do land are often not a great fit and don’t pay top prices.

And so the business struggles to gain any sort of momentum, resulting in you working more and more hours to try for better results, without success.

Imagine if you could tap into 30+ years of sales experience to support you and your sales team to develop a plan, follow a robust sales process and deliver tangible long term results for you and your business?

I was delighted to be “In discussion with” Andy Foot of Project Steps recently who has followed a similar career to me running sales teams and helping his employers scale quickly through success in sales before setting up to help SME clients on a portfolio basis.

We talk through why SME leaders get sales so wrong and what they can so to build a better sales system, start to measure how the system is performing and how he works with his clients to help them get the focus needed on sales and enjoy the process and the results.

If you are a small business owner and want better results for yourself or your sales team, this is a must watch for you.  In my 14+ years supporting SME leaders, I can count the number that didn’t want greater sales results on one hand.

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