Why small habits mean big results

Hi everybody, Gary King business mentor here.

Small habits make big change. It’s a couple of minutes short of 7am. I’ve done an hour in the gym already. And look, this is not about you need to get up at 5am and smash it at the gym and drink avocado juice all day, none of that bulls**t. What I’m talking about this morning is it’s a small habits that make big change.

So when my alarm went off at 5:30 this morning, I’ve got to admit I was absolutely shattered. I’ve been on the road constantly for a month, I need a holiday and the last thing I needed this morning was an hour at the gym. It would have been really easy to hit the snooze button and just just have an extra hour in bed if I’m honest, but that isn’t gonna make the difference. That isn’t gonna make the change that I want to make in either my personal life or in business.

So I just jumped out of bed, gritted my teeth, and I got on it. It’s those little changes that that during the extra hour when I could have easily hit the snooze button that’s gonna make the difference between me getting to where I want to be physically and not getting where I want to be physically. There’s a lot there’s a lot of alignment with that issue in business when I’m working with my clients when I first start working with them, because they clock off a little bit early when they’ve had a bad day or they they don’t make that sales call, they don’t go see that one prospect, they don’t have the extra meeting that they are due to have.

And it’s those making that extra call. That just might be the difference between a new customer and not a new customer. It’s good to see that prospect that’s the difference between picking up a piece of business and not picking up a piece of business. So, look in life; sometimes you might not feel like you might have the energy, you might not have the inclination, but you’ve just got to grit your teeth, and you’ve just got to work your way through it.

So it’s those small changes, those small habits. They’re sort of those small habits that make big change. So just bear that in mind when you’re going about your daily business. Take care for now.

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