Why you need a personal brand to win more sales


Top tip presented by Gary King of Tendo.

Winning more sales is something that most small business owners need.

I’ve just come back from a networking event this morning that I was presenting at. It was a room full of business owners and senior sales professionals that were all wanting to do more business. Because that’s what we do, right?

But the fact of the matter is at the end of the sales process; your brand, your personal brand needs to really represent you in the best possible way.

So let me tell you a story.

I walked into a coffee shop recently and the server had his back to me and making a coffee. His shirt was un-ironed and it was untucked. His trousers were filthy. His shoes were unpolished. And I thought, you know, his manager should probably have a word because that’s not representing his business in the best possible light. It was the first thing I noticed.

And when this guy turned around, he was the manager!

Now that tells me something about the attention to detail, the care, the pride, the experience I can expect in that coffee shop. It might be wrong, but that’s my perception. That’s how I do things. But this is what we all do, we make assumptions about people’s ability to deliver the job we want them to deliver, based on things that we assume, things that we observe, things that we hear.

So if you’re looking to really, really win more business, you need to really focus on that last part of the sales journey. If you’re fishing in the right pond and you understand who your customer avatar is, you can articulate why they should use you; those lurkers, those people that just watch listen, they will be making assumptions about whether they can trust you with that hard to earned cash.

And if your personal brand, if how you turn up, if how you represent yourself, what you say and do isn’t consistent and doesn’t sit comfortably with them, they won’t spend money.

So I want you to think about how you turn up. What your email says, how quickly you respond, what your voicemail says, what your customers say about you, what the people in your network say about you.

And if that’s positive, then those people that want to do business with you, will do business with you. If it’s not positive, then they won’t.

So make sure you focus in on those elements of your personal brand that can really help you secure the extra business that you need.

I hope that’s been of interest. Take care for now.

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