Why you need a team to get more time

I’m not sure about you but I’ve really, really enjoyed the recent Bank Holiday. It’s the fourth Bank Holiday we’ve had in a couple of months and I’m just loving these long weekends. Other than taking five minutes out to respond to an urgent email, I didn’t do one single work-related task.

I hear so many business owners either saying I can’t wait for the weekend, I can’t wait for my next long weekend, or on the flipside, I hate these long weekends because I’ve got to cram five days’ work into four days.

Now the problem is that that means you don’t have the right team around you. I hear it so many times. You’re a slave to your inbox. There’s a never-ending to-do list. You can’t take time off because you’re scared of what you’re going to come back to, you’re not earning money while you’re off. What all of these things mean is that you’re building the wrong team, you don’t have the right people around you.

Get the right team

You maybe don’t know how to recruit the right people. It might be that you think you can’t afford the right people. It might be that you’ve had some bad experiences with people and don’t want to get your fingers bitten again. Whatever it is, the only way that you’re going to build a business that allows you to have the true freedom and lifestyle that you deserve is to build the right team. A team that’s value-aligned, highly skilled and flexible.

That gives you the ability to take time off and not have to work all hours.

So, if you’re looking to build a business where you can have long weekends, holidays, without the worry about what you’re going come back to, you’ve got to start building the right team.

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Developing a dream team is one of the essential building blocks to running a successful business. If you are working too many hours or are frustrated about any element of your team, it’s time to take action.

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