Why you need laser like focus to achieve your goals

In discussion with Collette Evans

It is tough running a small business with so many distractions that can knock you off course. However with a clear vision, laser focus and robust plan, anything is possible.

Building the right business needs all of these ingredients, lots of hard work and a little patience.
I recently had an in-depth discussion with Collette Evans, a specialist fitness & product photographer and the founder of Picture Perfect Photography. She is a natural bodybuilder competing in women’s competitions and competed at the NPA British finals & UKDFBA UK International Championships late in 2021.

Collette believes that to gain optimum results as a bodybuilder; training, nutrition, recovery and supplementation is key. In this interview, she shares the secrets to winning old medals on stage and how she has used the same formula to achieve her results in her business that you can too.

We focussed in on ‘Why you need laser focus to achieve your goals’ and recorded our discussion to share with you…

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