Why you need laser like focus

Today I want to chat to you about why you need laser like focus.

Many small business owners that are looking to get to the next level are often seduced by the next ‘get rich quick’ opportunity. You know the one. The latest fad that somebody else perceivably got rich on, or something that they’ve heard from a networking event or from somebody online.

And look, whilst they’re all great things to consider, I’m sure what tends to happen is that you don’t actually get what you’re currently doing finished before you take on this new initiative. What happens then, is you finish up taking on a number of initiatives, but you’re not actually getting anything done as you would like.

In business, it’s all about laser like focus. Do one thing and do it very, very well and when that has been executed, take on another initiative. It’s really, really easy to get seduced by the next initiative, the next ‘get rich quick’ opportunity, the latest fad and not get anything done.

This really hit home for me by spending time with a client recently. We were chatting through some growth strategies and there was one particular thing that was an obvious no brainer for her to do. And she said ‘actually that is something we want to do, but we’re not going to undertake it for four months because our next three, four months is going to be about executing what we’re currently doing.’ And you know what, that was music to my ears. She wants to execute what she’s doing before she undertakes another initiative. She wants to get the current initiative done effectively. And secondly, she’s got laser-like focus when she does take on the next initiative. It’s all about focus, ladies and gentlemen.

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