The Two Headed Dog – Working IN or ON your business?

Working IN or ON your business, The Two-Headed Dog…

This is post 7/12 in a series about the pub crawl by my namesake Gary King and his friends in the Worlds End and the close association with business mentoring & coaching.

How can I possibly create a post about Business Mentoring around the concept of a two-headed dog simply because it relates to the ‘other’ Gary King and I’m kind of on a roll with the whole World’s End thing, now…

I’ll tell you how!

When you’re working IN your business, like a dog with two… heads… you’re into everything.

You want to know what’s going on, to check everything, you feel like you’re missing out if you’re not involved in the action, and you’re constantly getting side-tracked by the latest opportunity you can sniff out. You’re likely losing and burying a lot of shit, too!

It’s understandable, but it’s not necessarily conducive to effective business planning and I am pretty certain you shouldn’t be doing a lot of it.

An experienced Business Mentor can help to provide you with the focus and perspective that you just can’t get when you’re fully immersed inside of your business.

The business owners who get results don’t waste the time they have available to them – they have super focus. They are doing more of the work that puts fire in their belly, and less of the distractions that don’t.

You need to be ready to do some work ON your business, and that’s where I can take the lead.

If you can forgive that terrible pun, go ahead and get on the dog ‘n’ bone. Oops, there’s another one!

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The Two-Headed Dog