Working out your business model… how to run the business you dreamed of​

Recently I was pleased to appear as a guest on Sterling’s Business Success & Coffee Podcast, a top-rated podcast that dives into personal and business areas of struggle and success, providing every listener with something to take away that you can use. The series is hosted by Simon Meadows. ​

The synopsis of my episode…

​​Every business owner dreams of achieving the freedom to make their own decisions and choices for their business. However, many fall short of this dream due to incorrect business models. With the wrong structure, businesses can quickly lose sight of profitability and lack the financial resources to make necessary decisions. As a result, many small businesses struggle to stay afloat and lose out on the opportunity of true independence. Join this conversation with Gary King and learn how you can reclaim your business back and run it as you have always dreamed, with financial and time freedom.

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