Why customer service is your only point of difference

I have said this before and I will say it again, for a majority of SME’s, we all have online and face to face competition whatever sector we are in.  There are over 45,000 coaches, consultants and mentors in the UK for example which, in an unregulated sector is no surprise.

Why would you choose one over another – that’s another snippet for another day.

Over 25 years ago, I bought a work shirt from Charles Tyrwhitt based on an advert in a Sunday newspaper supplement.  The quality of the shirt and the customer service was exemplary and I have a wardrobe full of their shirts to this day.

I remember a few of the shirts I had been wearing for months started to fray on the cuffs.  I contacted them and despite the fact that I’d had them for a while, they didn’t want me to be dissatisfied and replaced them fully.

This last weekend gone, I headed to Scotland for a wedding but I had messed up.  I took my white shirt to the laundrette for ironing and when I got there at 16:15 on Wednesday to collect, they had closed at 16:00.  Doh!

There was only one solution in my mind. I popped into the Charles Tyrwhitt store in Edinburgh and they measured me for a shirt for the wedding.

Unfortunately when I got dressed for the wedding, the sleeve was a little on the short side but I didn’t have an option. One shirt, 25 miles away from anywhere and no time to resolve. I had to go with it.

On my return on Monday, I contacted their customer service team and explained what had happened.

They told me to return the shirt, washed or unwashed (I washed it) with or without the packaging for a full, unequivocal refund.  I am sure the £65 refund in the overall scheme of things is worth more in terms of reputation, than the cost of the shirt to them

This is exactly why I have been a loyal customer for over 25 years and continue to refer them to anybody that asks despite there being many other shirt vendors in the market.

What customer service levels are you and your team delivering that stand you head and shoulders above your competitors?

What are your clients, advocates and even envious competitors saying about you and your brand?

What is your point of difference in a crowded market place?

If your proposition and brand is not crystal clear, you will struggle to attract, convert and retain clients and also struggle to build a network of advocates to refer you.

If your customer journey isn’t bullet proof and delivered consistently, the same applies.

At Tendo, with every one of our clients, we get these things nailed as they are the cornerstone to delivering high growth, retained sales that refer you.

If your customer service doesn’t stand head and shoulders above your competitors, somebody else’s does.

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