The King’s Head – Why you need an experienced Business Mentor

Why you need an experienced Business Mentor… The King’s Head

This is post 10/ 12 in a series about the pub crawl by my namesake Gary King and his friends in the Worlds End and the close association with business mentoring & coaching.

Becoming a Business Mentor isn’t something that just anyone can do.

You have to have walked the walk, worn the shoes, and got stuck up the same paddle-less creeks.

You need not only to have run businesses, but to have known what it means to fail within them and to experience true successes. You need to be in a position whereby you can work with and empathise with other business owners – who trust you enough to invest their time and money into you – to guide them, advise them, inspire them, and support them.

It helps if you can also become recognised for your experience and results by a professional body, such as The Association of Business Mentors (ABM).

You need to have a good head on your shoulders, and to be ready to lead.

I’m delighted to be in that exact position as one of only a handful of Business Mentors who have the experience, qualifications and demonstrable track record needed by my clients who demand results.

I’m always looking forward to working with existing and new clients as an experienced Business Mentor developing their business plans and helping them and their team deliver them.

The Kings Head may be a sound bet if you are ready to get ahead in your business?

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